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We were voted a Neighbourhood Fave in 2023 for Best Personal Care. Thank you, neighbors! We are honored to support your wellbeing.

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“Jen, is a very knowledgeable person. She knows an alternative approach for almost everything from headaches, to injuries. She has experience in dealing with people of all ages birth to adults. She is my guide and go to for many issues I’ve had. I’ve had Reiki, which by the way is an amazing experience. Most recently I’ve had a guided meditation, which was very much needed. I most definitely recommend her services!”

~ Maria Zavala

“Just had a free guided meditation and mini Reiki session with Jennifer at Holistica Indiana. Even though my blood pressure is normal, I swear it dropped as soon as she started. One way I could describe the feeling was like getting inside from the storm.. like all the extra sensory “stuff“ stopped. That doesn’t even do it justice. Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself.”

~ Melanie Caffarini

“Just wanted to tell you about my journey with my shoulder pain. For years I worked in the restaurant industry and had to handle a lot of lifting especially heavy trays of dishes. One weekend I as I was lifting a tray my shoulder just gave out on me and I dropped about 20 dishes. I had extreme pain and had to get out of my shift early and I wasn’t looking forward to a doctor’s visit.  As I was heading home I called Jennifer who I knew for years just to tell her I had a crazy night at work. She asked me to come by so she could do “energy work” on my shoulder. I was very skeptical but I hate doctor visits so I figured it was worth a try. She sat me in a chair and asked me where my pain was. I told her which shoulder it was and she said, ‘Don’t worry, however your shoulder will get very hot.’ Without even touching me, Jennifer used her Reiki on my shoulder, and my shoulder felt like it was on fire. I was uncomfortable for about one minute, but then I was able to move my shoulder in a full range of motion with no pain at all. This was about 12 years ago and my shoulder has not given me any pain at all. Please use her services if possible, she is amazing!!!”

~ Abraham León

“I had a Reiki session done by Jennifer and 2018. I really love the experience.The music and The energy walking into the room was so calm and welcoming. Although she did not touch me I felt like I was getting a massage. When Jennifer was going over my knee I felt like I needed to cough and clear my throat . She told me that there was a woman that I have to tell something very important to and it was true! I absolutely loved my experience! My second experience was a quick one. She did a short Reiki session on me to promote a healthy delivery with minimal bleeding. When my pregnancy was induced, although it was not the doctors plan, a nurse talked me into giving birth naturally and I experience very minimal bleeding. I do believe that my Reiki session helped with that.”

~ Isabel

“WOW! Where do I begin! I had been suffering from chronic mid back and left shoulder pain for the last couple of years. I had been seeing a orthopedic specialist along with physical therapy for the past 5 months and still had no pain relief. Feeling desperate in my search to feel better I came across Jennifer Perez and she mentioned she may be able to help with my pain. I scheduled an appointment not really knowing what to expect or her techniques, but I was open to anything that would help. She performed a combo of Reiki and Myofascial Release, I felt a little off for several days after but my pain is significantly almost gone after 7days!! I have been telling everyone about my experience and plan on taking my mother to her as well. I am beyond grateful and highly respect her work.”

~ Angelica Vargas

“Jenn has such a calming energy to her. She is very knowledgeable about healing and an incredibly intuitive listener! I have anxiety. My mind is always racing & my life is Go Go GO. But when I see Jenn in our reiki sessions, it’s like I fall into the deepest most relaxing sleep. The sessions help me relax. My body and mind slow down. I feel a comforting warmth through out my body. My mind finally gets a break from all the fuss of life. Once our session is over and I get up, I feel 10x lighter. I am re-energized, invigorated and put together. I wish everyone could experience this type of healing & relaxation. “

~ Janet Carrillo

“As someone who doesn’t know much about Natural healing or Reiki, I decided to have an open mind, and trust Jen with my mind, body & soul. The experience was kind of unexplainable. I did have an overwhelming sense of calmness during the treatment. I also felt as if some of my worries were set free. Not expecting anything, at the end, I did feel as if all of my senses were awakened & I felt more aware and alive. I will definitely come back and bring my husband for a couple’s session. “

~ Samantha Hill

“Hi, I’m Joy and I’ve had the pleasure of receiving services from Jen. She is amazing at what she does. She has taught my daughter how to slow her mind down and take better care of herself. She has miracle hands. Check her out if you get the opportunity. No better time to take care of yourself than now!!!”

~ Joy Vlamakis-Spanburg

“I have been dabbling in holistic healing for the past 5 years, and I would consider myself somewhat of a skeptic. I’ve experienced Reiki before and never really felt any results. A couple months ago I came to the Family Holistic Center to get 3 sessions and give it all another chance. The place was very clean, everyone was pleasant, and I felt a sense of trust and peace, which is very important when dealing with any healing you undertake. When I tell you, on my first session with Jennifer and her assistant, I felt like an energy block was literally pulled away from my body. I was overcome with emotion and could literally feel the energy moving from head to toe. I went home that day and felt drained, but I knew I had to finish my treatments. The second and third treatments helped solidify my feelings, and I felt more aware of my own self and re-aligned. If you are familiar with holistic healing, or curious, I urge you to make an appointment and see for yourself. Sometimes, it just takes the right healer to help. And they are definitely the real deal.”

~ William Silas

“My son is autistic, developmentally delayed, and is nonverbal. For the longest time he would constantly grind his teeth. Our occupational therapist Jennifer helped reduce the teeth grinding by using a special technique (Cranio-Sacral Therapy). Little by little the teeth grinding stopped. Our therapist also showed us a technique to use during a meltdown that would soothe and calm my son. I still use it to this day to help him calm down. Amazing things our therapist taught us, and I will always be grateful for.”

~ Jodi Kay

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