Holistic Occupational Therapy and
Energy Medicine Services

Halo-Therapy Salt Chamber with Far-Infrared Sauna

Enjoy 3 treatments in one sitting. The infrared sauna is used for stress relief and detoxification; the salt breathing treatment for respiratory relief and chromotherapy for improved sleep and reduced inflammation.

Bonus! Treat yourself by adding any of the following to your treatment…

  •  Crystals/Minerals uniquely matched to support one’s     needs/strengths
  •   “Quick Shift” therapeutic music via headphones for binaural beat benefits to the brain and body
  •  Tuning forks– Attuned to the vibration of Ohm
  •  Aromatherapy high quality Young Living essential oils

Stress Management Session

Stress Management Sessions offer deep relaxation, guided visualizations, progressive muscle relaxation, and multi-sensory mindfulness activities to enhance wellness & promote health maintenance. Jen holds a Certificate from Governors State University, 2008, and offers the ‘Know Stress’ Program by Jennifer Hunt.

Sensory System Reset

Sensory System Reset is a multi-sensory therapy program that improves motor skills and cognitive abilities in children and adults through a series of body movement exercises and music-listening sessions.

Reiki Session

Jen is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher since 2009. She provides individual, couple, and group sessions either in person or via distance Reiki.  Jen teaches adult Reiki classes as well as Reiki for children.  Every class is customized to the students.  Many health care providers have trained with Jennifer and she has presented at Universities on the health benefits of Reiki with evidenced based research. Resources are available in our research library donated by Equilibrium Energy + Education where B. Durant taught Jennifer the Usui method of Reiki to treat the whole person including body, emotions,  mind, and spirit. Sessions are 45 min or 1 hour. Additionally, on the second Sunday of the month, the Family Holistic Center hosts a reiki share where healing practitioners have an opportunity to exchange treatments ranging from Reiki to massage and even reflexology.

View the Reiki & Energetic Healing Resources

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) – EFT focuses on freeing trapped emotions to bring balance and flow to energies of meridian pathways to relieve symptoms and reactions to triggers from emotions related to “negative” experiences or traumas. Similar to acupuncture but NO needles! EFT has been successfully used with Veterans to treat PTSD.  Research also shows benefits as a treatment for anxiety, depression, physical pain and insomnia.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records Guided Meditation into the records of your soul through accessing the  L. Howe prayer taught by C. Cross who also shared a Free resource:  “The Column of LIGHT meditation”. Rather than a traditional reading, Your guide will open your Akashic Record, granting  access to a journey to your special healing place.

Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy

Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy Certificates  2010 by Master Co. Covering biofield, electro-magnetic field to cleanse/energize/reset and heal on All levels of one’s being. This highly evolved and tested system of energy healing utilizes prana/energy) to transform, regulate, and strengthen the body’s energy processes. By improving the condition of the energy body, one may feel related benefits to physical, mental, emotional and etheric energetic fields.

Treats: All health conditions by accelerating healing, clearing away side effects of of anesthesia/prescription drugs, improves organ function, promotes communication and function between body systems (limbic, endocrine, cardio-vascular and digestive systems.) to improve health and stamina.  60 or 90 minute sessions, price varies depending on treatment protocol for specific health conditions..

Free resource: Twin Hearts Meditation

Healing with Crystals

Healing with Crystals taught by Archeologist Brent Baum. Discover what your power stone Name Chart reveals and learn what elements from the earth would be best for you personally.  Select crystals for each of your chakras and get connected and feel vibrant while connecting to the earth through various crystals while relaxing on an “earthing mat.”

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks offer vibrational sound Healing Therapy, DNA Repair, 128 Hz, 256 Hz, 512 Hz, to reset body rhythms. Disharmony can manifest in the body as stress, tight and sore muscles and fatigue, creating blockages in our Qi (one’s natural energy flow). The sound wave created by using Ohm Tuning Forks works like kinetic energy to move the stuck energy and facilitate a sense of harmony and well-being. Treats tight muscles, joints, tendons, bones, and tissue, and also treats reflex, trigger and acu-points.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release: 2015 5 specialty certifications by John F. Barnes, PT. MFR 1, Pediatric MFR, Cervical-Thoracic, Fascial-pelvis, and Myofascial Unwinding. The specific Barnes approach  to MFR is considered to be the ultimate mind/body therapy that is safe, gentile and consistently effective in producing results that last.Fascia is the connective tissue through the entire body which connects without interruption in a 3D web from head to toe. Trauma, posture or inflammation can create restrictions of fascia, placing pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, osseous structures/organs. This approach works to release fascial restrictions, decrease pain and improve range of motion and function.

Health & Wellness Consultations & Coaching

Reprogram your habits to make our life easier. Learn practical relaxation techniques to improve quality of life. Build a personalized tool box for go-to stress relief.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy Level 3 Visionary approach by S. Johnston of Upledger Institute. This gentile tough method is used to enhance the functioning of the brain and spinal cord  as well as their supporting body structures (central nervous system) and flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Treats: Autism, Grinding teeth/TMJD, Sensory Processing Differences, Orthopedic problems,  scoliosis,  body misalignment, central-nervous system disorders, brain/spinal cord injuries, migraines, neck/back pain, colic,  ADHD/ADD, motor-coordination and many more health conditions

Halo Therapy

Improve respiratory health, treat: asthma, acen, allergies, bronchitis, sinus conditions, colds, congestion, headaches, psoriasis, COPD. Combine breathing treatment with “Pranic healing respiratory system treatment” which is an in depth 90 minute energy treatment protocol to improve lung health and respiratory system functioning and vitality.


Click on links Testimonial pt 1

Ms. Jones

As someone who doesn't know much about Natural healing or Reiki, I decided to have an open mind, and trust Jen with my mind, body & soul. The experience was kind of unexplainable. I did have an overwhelming sense of calmness during the treatment. I also felt as if some of my worries were set free. Not expecting anything, at the end, I did feel as if all of my senses where awakened & I felt more aware and alive. I will definitely come back and bring my husband for a couple's session.

Samantha Hill

Hi, I'm Joy and I've had the pleasure of receiving services from Jen. She is amazing at what she does. She has taught my daughter how to slow her mind down and take better care of herself. She has miracle hands. Check her out if you get the opportunity. Now better time to take care of yourself than now!!!

Joy Vlamakis-Spanburg


The aforementioned therapies are not to be substituted for medical treatment. Consulting your physician prior to treatments and informing your practitioner of any precautions, contra-indications or special considerations is your responsibility to inform your practitioner of prior to receiving aforementioned modalities.  Practitioners DO NOT diagnose, nor prescribe medications.

We are here to welcome you let go and grow. We support you by listening, caring, assessing and assisting you by providing a safe space where healing and health may be uplifted to promote an improved sense of appreciation to honor one’s quality of life for the greater good.

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