Re- Treat Yourself:

To experience a more satisfying quality of life! 

During this multi-night experience, you will benefit from being with a team of healers who provide wisdom and guidance as they share their skills, talents, and abilities to facilitate mind-body-spirit re-connection.

  • A Holistic Approach to Health
  • Wellness with Detox and Meal Programs
  • Tai Chi & Stillness Meditation
  • Healing with Light Workers- Variety of services
  • Empowerment and educational tools provided for take-home benefits
  • Breathing and Mind-Body Coherence Exercises
  • Meditation by many means (music, movement, mantras, visualization etc…)
  • Energy Balancing and regulating for rejuvenation 
  • Spa Services- Various body services                              

   *Overnight accommodations available for individuals, couples, and groups.

Call for details: Family Holistic Center 219-789-1140

Return to your daily life with empowering tools to regain balance and feelings of being connected & whole

anytime, anywhere.

Your take-home = Empowered Renewal!   

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