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Interactive Sound Healing with Egyptian Reiki

Lindsay takes her time offering each group participant the the relaxing and healing benefits of sound healing as she places specific instruments on or near your body. As the sound frequencies and vibrations allow you to drift in an effortless meditative state, you become more receptive to relax and let go. Each tuning fork, crystal or Tibetan bowl will tune each chakra. When paired with the benefits of Egyptian Reiki, the whole group receives a full healing session. These events follow the natural cycle of the moon being held on all new moon and full moon dates. Bring water and a yoga mat and we will do the rest. Group session are approximately 90 minutes for $45.

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From Astrology to Akashic Records:
Learn how these tools can provide insight & guidance through life

Discussion groups: Astrology, Sun & Moon: Healing Cycles Akashic Records, Shaman Healing, Sound Healing from a traditions around the world.
$30 contribution toward our 3 speakers and host.


We have speakers offering introductory talks and scheduling 1 on 1 readings and services. We aim to bring clarity and understanding of various traditions, healing beliefs and practices.  There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and we support safe healing processes that cause no harm. We gather to teach, to learn, to grow, and expand our consciousness with purpose in this lifetime.

Our Professor of Astrology, Omari Martin, explains how you can gain helpful information based on your unique birth chart.

Jennifer demonstrates energy medicine techniques to best regulate one’s energy during changes in the atmosphere taking place from the new moon leading to the peak of the  full moon.

Sominique uses her skills as a Neurolinguistic Practitioner to create high vibrational moon water. She shares her experiences in nurse as well as with Shaman healing.
Our two Akashic Record Readers, Lindsy Groshek & Jeff explain how they can access the “library of your soul” and how this insight can be considered as we face the day to day ups and downs.

Presenters Vary: Jennifer Perez,  Omari Martin, Sominique Chatmon,
Lindsy Groshek & Jeff H.

Welcoming Jeff who has been providing Akashic Record readings since 2015. Jeff’s experience in accessing the Akashic Records has helped many people to gain clarity and deeper insight through life’s ups and downs. Jeff has participated in many advanced study courses of the Akashic records and appreciates the process so greatly that he has even come to enjoy Monk fasting  in preparation for a reading. He does this for personal health and to strengthen his energies for providing an awesome reading!

Call for dates to meet with or set us a phone consultation as Jeff is available for group discussions on Akashic Records and to answer general questions to help people understand how this awesome resource works.


Astrology and Natal (Birth Charts) Introductory Talk with Omari Martin


Astrology is a tool that can be used to gain insight into human personality behavior and gauge the probability of future outcomes and events. The Sun and Moon and 10 planets are arranged in a divine pattern on your birthday, especially for you, not even identical twins have the exact same divine pattern. The symbolism is deeply embedded in our day-to-day living.  Are you curious? Come on out pay us a visit so that you can learn something about it!  See you soon.

Call 219-789-1140 to RSVP.

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Akashic Record Readings with Lindsy Groshek


Lindsy is a dedicated individual who seeks to help guide others into their highest light. So often in life, we get swayed from our path, often wondering: “how did my life turn out like this?” The beauty of the Akashic Records is that it helps shine light on those moments and situations where we may need a bit of guidance ~ loving truths that are always there, but just got covered with a little dust.

Using the Pathway Prayer Process© from the teachings of Linda Howe, we can connect to a plethora of energetic information about our soul’s past, present and future possibilities via the Akashic Records. Lindsy has been practicing and enjoying the energy of the Akashic Records since 2020. She’s had intuitive gifts since a young age and has been guided to strengthen and share these gifts for the greatest good of all.


Call 219-789-1140 to RSVP.

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Akashic Record Readings with Jeff


Meditation: Monthly Group Meditation on Twin Hearts, Mandala and moving Meditations,
1:1 Personalized mindfulness meditation sessions

Loving Kindness Meditation

Join us by the Himalayan fireplace for a Cleansing and Energizing Meditation each month

Family Holistic Center
Court St. Crown Point, IN.

RSVP: 219-789-1140

Jane Albright

FREE Online Lecture: Learn About Seeing Energy
with Jane Albright

Holistica Indiana Presents:  All Bright Yourself! SUN-RAY-LAF Visual Training with Jane Albright

Cost: FREE
When:  Unlimited access
Where: Online Zoom Event

What do you see? Do you see colors? What do they mean?

Jane Albright will guide you and expand your abilities to see energy safely and clearly no matter what level you are. This unique 9 class series will empower you on the road to self discovery. Jane will share details about the structure and progression of each level of training. This program has been integral to how Jane healed herself on a soul level, overcame her brother’s suicide and shifted her entire life to enrich and embolden all her life’s experiences and universal co-creations. The SUN-RAY-LAF visual training is the foundational skill set for everything Jane has offered her thousands of clients globally over the last two decades. These trainings are further supported beyond class by FREE practice sessions via Zoom on a regular basis. Join the FREE LECTURE to learn more!

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Jane Albright - Sun Ray Laf

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John David Sparks Book Signing & Focused Breathing Workshop

Focused Breathing Workshop with John David Sparks,

Author of “Reiki, A Path of Inclusion”

Cost: $70
When: Date set when 4 guests pre-register
Where: Family Holistic Center, LLC

“When you own your breath nobody can steal your peace”

Did you know that focused breathing has been shown to be extremely beneficial to your overall health? In fact, Forbes Magazine has stated that it “may be the most important tool that we have to prevent our brains from keeping us in a state of stress.”

And before you allow your mind to brush off stress as something inevitable that you just have to deal with, consider the pre-pandemic statistics which showed that 75-90% of all visits to the primary care physician were stress-related. Yes, stress is costing you your physical, mental, and emotional health to the point of an estimated $300 billion annually.

This workshop will introduce you to three or four basic breathing techniques that can help turn your life around. Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps normalize blood pressure
  • Reduces depression
  • Helps anxiety
  • Improve the functioning of all abdominal organs
  • Helps with PTSD
  • Optimizes the immune system
  • And so much more

Email or Call 219-789-1140 to RSVP.

In person, Online, One on one, Couples, Group and Retreat option are available for various service combinations

Jane Albright

SUN: Level One - Seeing Energy Workshop
With Jane Albright

Holistica Indiana Presents:  All Bright Yourself! SUN-RAY-LAF Visual Training with Jane Albright

Cost: $200
When: Date set when registration reaches 10 students Time: 10 AM – 5 PM
Where: Family Holistic Center (Contact us for Virtual/Zoom Availability)

Seeing energy happens in so many ways. We often refer to how we see each other. Someone may appear to have low energy or high energy. We may judge or be judged if someone’s energy is good or bad. We “read” ourselves and others all the time often without fully recognizing the full scale of intuition that is happening. For many of us there is another level happening or waiting to happen if you choose it. Do you see colors or witness other visual information when meditating or during open-eyed times? Perhaps you haven’t been able to see anything and want to learn how? All ability levels are welcome as Jane Albright will meet you where you are and get you into the place of SEEING safely and share with you the parameters for a strong foundation of visual growth to enhance your ability to witness energetic imprints for yourself. This class focuses on what you are seeing and how to see things within a structure that will better inform you about yourself and your surroundings. This level offers a certificate of completion. Full certification of the SUN Program comes after completing all three levels (SEEING, UNDERSTANDING, NEUTRALITY). Regular FREE mentoring and practice sessions will be offered on an ongoing basis for all who complete Level One training.

Email or Call 219-789-1140 to pre-register

Payment Link: https://PayPal.Me/holistica1

Jane Albright: Sun: Level One: Seeing Energy

Classes & Certifications

Reiki Certification Courses

Google will tell you that Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Jennifer will explain how the true essence of life itself is shared through what is known today as Reiki.  She is more than a believer and knows first-hand how her very first Reiki  treatment SAVED HER LIFE! Experiencing Reiki re-inspired Jennifer’s passion and purpose in life back in early 2000. While in medical school, Jennifer extensively studied, researched, and practiced Reiki to lower stress and anxiety and to facilitate wellbeing for others.  Jennifer was astonished at the life changing effects that she experienced after only one treatment. Jennifer encourages those who are interested in experiencing Reiki to do so through a certified practitioner who is professionally trained to offer Reiki safely. Jennifer joined the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher. She shares this wonderful world of Reiki with others to help people to live their best life now!

One on one Reiki sessions are offered either within our cozy 3 person Salt Sauna, on a massage table, comfortably seated in zero-gravity chair or via Distance Reiki sessions that are available to meet your needs wherever you may be around the world!

Reiki Certification courses are facilitated by

Reiki Master Teacher, 2009:

Jennifer Perez

Reiki Certification: Level One

Dates: TBD
9 AM – 3 PM

Reiki Certification: Level Two

Dates: TBD
9 AM – 5 PM

Super Brain Yoga & Positive Mind-Set

Strengthen the mind through this yoga practice paired with encouraging affirmations and law of attraction manifestation meditation to reteach the subconscious mind to function more positively and productively.

Stress Reduction

Interactive  Workshops to build your personal relaxation tool box for practical daily use in self care. Break old pattern and learn to regulate.

Laughter Meditation

This active group meditation will not only exercise your cheek and abdominal muscles; According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter not only lightens your mental load , but it also induces physical changes in the body:  improves immune system, relieves pain, improves mood, soothes stress/tension, and stimulates organs.  Laughter IS the Best medicine!

Auras & Chakras & Meridians 101

This workshop will provide a basic breakdown of energy systems and enlighten us with practical knowledge to better understand and apply simple energy hygiene & health techniques for self-healing and health maintenance.

Healthy breathing Practices

Learn and practice beneficial breathing exercises to have improved control of fight/flight/freeze and stress responses. Breathing exercises are paired with a candle light meditation.

Sensible Sensory Systems

Family friendly daily exercises to help regulate our 6 senses and tune-in to gain a greater sense of balance in family life.

Kids Classes

Reiki Class for Children

Reiki for kids: Level 1 Certification upon completion of class and volunteer hours. This is both an experiential & knowledge based class. We will discuss some basics of energy/science and explain in practical terms, how our children can use this Reiki skill in daily life routines for self empowerment and well being. Students will understand how Reiki can be beneficial for taking care of one self and for others with respect to personal space. Even pets 🐶 and plants🪴 love Reiki!🥰

Above all, this is a Fun and memorable weekend of awe inspiring empowerment!

Yoga for Kids

Yoga for kids- In this sensory system balancing act, Children practice slowing the mind and the body; practicing awareness of one self and the world around them. Uniquely designed by an occupational therapist with a focus on sensory regulation, All senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing & proprioception) will receive a treat in each personalized class.


The aforementioned therapies are not to be substituted for medical treatment. Consulting your physician prior to treatments and informing your practitioner of any precautions, contra-indications or special considerations is your responsibility to inform your practitioner of prior to receiving aforementioned modalities.  Practitioners DO NOT diagnose, nor prescribe medications.

We are here to welcome you let go and grow. We support you by listening, caring, assessing and assisting you by providing a safe space where healing and health may be uplifted to promote an improved sense of appreciation to honor one’s quality of life for the greater good.

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