About your Clinician, Jennifer Perez

Awakened to heaven on earth, Jennifer has been inspired to serve humanity with a genuine compassion as she pursues her life purpose. Her vision is to provide a broader spectrum of whole-person health care for the greater good of humanity on a global level!  With awareness of the oneness and connection of all life, Jennifer has become an advocate for change within the health care and education systems. Practicing both traditional (Western medicine) as well as complementary and alternative therapies (from Eastern traditions and around the world) Jennifer creates a Holistic and Integrative approach to wellness that gets lasting results.  Her background in Psychology supported by her Stress Management Certification has led her to study and earn many certifications in the field of Energy Medicine. This skillset paired with her Masters of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy affords her greater opportunities to provide more inclusive treatments that get results while empowering her clients.  Learning to regulate and rebalance one’s mind, body, and spirt is crucial to preventing or treat dis-ease. Maintaining one’s wellness and self-care is an ongoing process which she passionately pursues as she provides services for mental health, physical health. emotional, and energetic wellbeing. Her treatment methods are client-centered for more beneficial results to improve an overall sense of well-being. Jennifer encourages and empowers others to radiate their inner light and share loving kindness within themselves, with others, and with all that exists. Offering a genuine approach, Jennifer gently but effectively facilitates healing processes and promotes whole-person health with pure intentions and a heart of gold! For valuable skilled services you can trust, she is the one!

Well educated and experienced in the healing arts and sciences, Jennifer has extensive knowledge, insight, and decades of experience treating people of all ages from birth to end of life care.  Jennifer has integrated the best of both worlds to offer a deeper level of inner-connection for living an empowered and meaningful life. Jennifer has worked as an early intervention specialist, treating infants, children, and families through home-health Occupational Therapy (OT) services in IL. She has also worked in pediatric clinics and within the Il/IN school systems with students from Pre-K to high school.  Jennifer open-heartedly and non-judgmentally works with people of all ages and all health conditions.

Jennifer is bi-lingual in English and Spanish and offers in person and online services. She also instructs courses/workshops, offers consulting/coaching/certifications, facilitates retreats and hosts group and private events.

Ann has over 20 years experience in Massage and Occupational Therapy and offers a wide variety of massage techniques to match anyone’s body preference.  She specializes in Myofascial Release, Crainosacral Therapy and Therapeutic massage.  Ann is skilled in muscle stretching, offers body analysis and is a body mobility specialist.  As a COTA she has worked in pediatric settings for most of her career and is currently an instructor for massage.  Her preference is working with people to relieve pain from chronic conditions however, Ann enjoys all forms of treatment and has been helpful in offering physical improvements for her clients. Ann is a skilled practitioner who is very thoughtful toward each person she works with in order to meet their individual needs. Ann offers a variety of OT services, massage, stretch, and even raindrop therapy using essential oils.

John David Sparks

John is a teacher, speaker, healer, and author of the book The Nature of Reiki: A Path of Inclusion (5 stars on Amazon). He loves to travel and has been a featured speaker both nationally and internationally combining cutting-edge, mind-body concepts for greater balance and well-being.

With a license in massage therapy and certifications in Psych-K (a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind), The Work of Byron Katie (a unique approach to cognitive therapy) vibrational sound therapy, foot reflexology, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, guided imagery, aromatherapy and more.

Most recently John has been offering Focused Breath Workshops for balancing all aspects of mental, physical, and emotional health. By combining ancient pranayama breath techniques with the latest science he is able to teach simple ways to manage the overworked, overstressed lifestyle prevalent in our world today.

Lindsy Womack

Being at one with nature, animals, and energy had been a part of me since a very young age. With heartfelt intentions and a versatile personality it is my soul purpose to help clients revive their Inner Light, release what no longer serves them, and assist them in healing physical, emotional & mental traumas to promote increased quality of life, facilitate well being, balance, and independence with everyday activities. I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in traditional Usuii Reiki(2017), Certified Egyptian(Sekem Seichim) Reiki Master Teacher(2023), Certified Sound Facilitator(2019) with a background as a Licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.

My strengths during my sessions include the ability to tap into others energy & vibrations, identifying/removing blocks from past & present, releasing Somatic blocks, clearing the human Biofield(aura), clearing and aligning the chakras while utilizing Noninvasive modalities such as aromatherapy, frequencies, vibrations, sound with tuning forks, sound therapy bed, chimes, singing bowls, drums, and much more along with visualization techniques and gentle reiki energy. Clients that may benefit from these sessions include age range from adolescents to geriatric who may have experienced trauma, feel stuck, going through transitions, on the beginning of their healing journey, in need of an energetic tune up, anxiety, depression, and emotional/physical pain. This is a great complimentary treatment for anything else you may be doing massage, therapy, etc.

Kristen Popovich

I am nature lover, free spirit, awakened consciousness with love, light, and balance. I always say “the little voice inside of you, has the biggest impact outside of you. My main goal is to achieve healing, and awaken the human consciousness with love, light, and balance. I am certified in, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Egyptian Sekhem-Seichim Reiki, and tuning forks.

In my sessions I use ayurveda reiki charka oils, and 7 charka crystals with tuning forks and sound healing.

Hours Monday & Tuesday 11:00-8:00PM Rate- $88. For one hour.

Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart                                                                                – Native American Proverb.


Omari Martin

Omari is a certified professional astrologer, life and board member of the American Federation Astrologers (AFA), President of The Friends of Astrology, Inc., life member of the Organization for Professional Astrology, faculty member and Chairman of Kepler College of the Astrological Arts & Sciences.  He practices and teaches Natal, Electional, Vocational, and Mundane Astrology and owns SOULAR WISDOM™ and ASTROPRENEURSHIP®. He has presented at NORWAC 2018/2019/2021, United Astrology Conference 2018, Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage 2019, Astrological Association of Great Britain (AAGB), International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR), Astrology Hub Podcast – Inner Circle, and for several chapters of NCGR. He has been a guest on KUBU 96.5 FM and has written articles published in “The Career Astrologer”.

Astrological Natal Chart Reading: $175.00 for 60 minutes (Includes a recording).
To book your reading, please call the Family Holistic Center, LLC. 219-789-1140


Lindsy Groshek

Lindsy is a dedicated individual who seeks to help guide others into their highest light. So often in life, we get swayed from our path, often wondering: “how did my life turn out like this?” The beauty of the Akashic Records is that it helps shine light on those moments and situations where we may need a bit of guidance ~ loving truths that are always there, but just got covered with a little dust.

Using the Pathway Prayer Process© from the teachings of Linda Howe, we can connect to a plethora of energetic information about our soul’s past, present and future possibilities via the Akashic Records. Lindsy has been practicing and enjoying the energy of the Akashic Records since 2020. She’s had intuitive gifts since a young age and has been guided to strengthen and share these gifts for the greatest good of all.

Along with the Akashic Records, she is also certified in Aura Therapy, Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Master level and a certified Health Coach. Her energetic “tool-kit” keeps growing, so be on the look-out for any new modalities she may be able to share soon!

Akashic Record Reading:  $100 / 60 minutes.
To book your reading, please call the Family Holistic Center, LLC. 219-789-1140

Jane Albright

Jane Albright

Gifted from birth, Jane Albright discovered that her ability to see human energy fields increased dramatically in her efforts to connect with her younger brother who died very unexpectedly. Soon afterward, Jane took formal training to enhance and expand her natural talents and work professionally as an energy reader and healer, specializing in Chakra Balancing and Aura Therapy. With over two decades of professional experiences, Jane witnessed thousands of clients and students globally which inspired her to develop her SUN-RAY-LAF Visual Training program. This unique training teaches you to read your own energy, navigate and create your own path through conscious engagement and accessible opportunities to prepare you for reaching your unique goals. Each training is highly specialized and as unique as each participant.

Much like a computer, the bioenergy field stores virtually limitless information about us, including patterns and choices we have made and are making. This information can be easily accessed by a trained therapist. By reading and working with your energy field, Jane brings to light issues that you are facing, helping you to gain deeper understanding and new awareness. The process allows you to move through limiting issues, break up patterns that no longer serve you, release old energy, and create profound healing for both spirit and body.  Jane is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Record Reader, The Bengston Healing Method™ Cycling Coach who helps individuals worldwide master this powerful modality, and she is currently honing her skills as a Medical Intuitive.


Jeff came “highly recommended” to me by my magnificent Akashic Record reading teacher who taught us how to access the Akashic Records with guidance of Linda Howe’s pathway prayer. Jeff truly honors this process and even engages in fasting to feel at his personal best when connecting to the Akashic Records in service of others.  Although Jeff is very down to earth, he has delivered Readings that have freed laughter and tears, inspired forgiveness and joy and above all, provided hope and inspiration to many!

Jeff offers Akashic Record Readings via phone with some in-person readings, classes, and informative talks on select weekends at the Family Holistic Center.

To prepare for your Akashic Record Reading: Consume NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS for 24 hours before your reading. Plan to be in a quiet space for 1 hour by phone. Have a few questions in mind or feelings in your heart which you would like to explore. You are permitted to audio record your time in the Akashic Records for your personal reference and interpretation with no liability to the reader.

Akashic Record Reading:  $100 / 60 minutes.
To book your reading, please call the Family Holistic Center, LLC. 219-789-1140


Momma’s Favorites was created to share a menu of Soul Foods as a delicious blend of tradition and a true love for cooking flavorful comforting foods that satisfy the soul. Growing up in a very large family, Love learned to cook early in life. Her Mom was always a fan of her popcorn flavors- Cheese & Carmel, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Sweet Cinnamon Crunch and more. Love puts her all into everything she creates, from meals to Gourmet popcorn. She can even make healthy food’s taste good! With food being such a great compliment to any event, Love is working with the Family Holistic Center as our Event Planner and provides catering for: Retreats, special events, weekend classes/workshops and private spa parties. For more information on planning an event or room rental at the Family Holistic Center with catering by Momma’s Favorites, call 219-689-9488.

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